Get to know the people who put together hundreds of events per year. We know you’ll like them!

Joe Steele

The Logistics Man

Joe handles the nuts and bolts of the events operation. A logistics whiz Joe gets things done even when it seems like there isn’t a solution. Having worked in event marketing for 8 years he has adapted his skills from his earlier career in film production and product placement to his new industry. Since starting CSEM Joe has worked with some of the top event producers and organizers to execute flawless events.

When he’s not working on events Joe loves to spend time with his family. He also writes and produces music that has been featured on hit television shows and heard on LA radio.

Clay A. Lundquist

The Client Guy

Clay handles the business and client side of the agency. Not planning on becoming an entrepreneur he started the agency in 2008 with his friend Joe Steele after almost 20 years with agencies and studios.  Since then his passion has been building a truly different agency with a “clients first” mentality. Clay really enjoys the creative end as well having designed many of the programs CSEM has activated. A logistics guy at heart he loves nothing better than a well executed event.

When he’s not at work Clay enjoys spending his time traveling, bicycling and paddle boarding.

Amber Lundquist

The Money

Known inside CSEM as “The Boss” she keeps everyone in check when it comes to the books. With a meticulous eye for numbers and finding efficiencies Amber watches every penny for the company and it’s clients. When she’s not crunching the numbers Amber loves to travel and hang out with her cats Lewis and Kevin.

Margie Ramirez

The Details Maven

Margie works on the details. Working closely with Joe, Margie backs him up on the logistics and makes sure every detail is taken care of. Margie has grown up in a McDonald’s family and was the perfect fit for CSEM and when she came on-board 6 years ago. Along with her work in the office Margie has become one of CSEM’s leading onsite managers.

Michael Pou

The Onsite Ace

With CSEM since the beginning Mike is the companies go-to onsite manager. Having managed hundreds of events for CSEM Mike is a true leader on the ground. Always gracious Mike has become a favorite with clients and event producers nationwide. On his off time Mike is very active in Crossfit and with his local animal shelter.